Spark Microgrants

Spark Microgrants works with local partners to catalyze sustainable collective action and improve livelihoods in communities. This is achieved by training partner organizations on Spark’s unique village planning process, the Facilitated Collective Action Process (FCAP), so they can implement this community-driven development model. As part of FCAP, Spark Microgrants provide an unconditional seed grant to support the identified community project.

“The people were working alone but now they are working as a group. Spark has led them to start a savings culture. Some members in the different groups have started small businesses from the loans received. In some families domestic violence has been reduced. Previously we had registered over ninety-nine cases before Spark. We have not yet registered any case after Spark came here. There is a better relationship between the communities and the local government.”

-Witaka Richard from Sironko Village, Uganda