Living Goods

Living Goods delivers last-mile healthcare through Community Health Promoters (CHPs) supported by efficient product and information distribution systems. Another COMO Foundation partner, Medic Mobile, developed Living Goods’ mobile application SmartHealth, used daily by its CHPs to improve diagnoses, communicate with their managers and enable real-time data flow.

“When I had to deliver, it was CHP Janat who was with me because my grandmother was too weak to take me there. If [she] had not been at the village, I wouldn’t have known what to do. For me, she is more than just a health worker, she is like my mother. We talk often about many things and she advised me to go back to school. I now want to become a teacher and a better person in life and also be in the position of supporting my family in the future.”

– Aisha, a 14-year-old orphan on the impact that Community Health Promoters (CHPs) bring to the community